Computer Science & Engineering
The department has more PCs running Microsoft Windows 2k/XP as well as Linux with dual boot option on top of Intel Pentium IV processors & matching supporting hardware & peripherals. We have the best of the expert to manage them. Three servers are available in the server room which is used as SMTP mail server, database server and general purpose use. The entire computer labs are connected by a high-speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) switched Ethernet network.

Many software packages and environments are available on the servers including Oracle RDBMS, Java compiler and applet viewer, C++ compilers and Lisp interpreters. Development environments like MS Visual Studio 6, Visual Prolog, MS Office developer, etc are actively used for development purposes in the department. Scanning & CD Writing facility is also available in the Labs. One printer in each lab is also available for printing.. All the labs are fully air conditioned & UPS protected. 30 minute backup is for labs and 1 hour backup is for all server systems.

In addition to above, the final year B.Tech students are provided with dedicated Research and Development Lab having high end IBM Pentium IV desktops for their final year dissertations which are amply supported by additional peripherals and hardware. Every student is made responsible for his/her equipment which is well used for the projects. All the students are free to configure and maintain their PCs according to their wishes and their needs. Most of the PCs in rooms are equipped with laser printer and CD-Writer unit. The Computational facilities are thus looking into the future and have been developed with the latest IT trends.

Institution has a 4 MBPS speed dedicated internet connectivity and is accessible for 24 hours. The server room is connected to all the departments including hostel rooms through a high speed optical fiber backbone and Internet. This connectivity is established through high throughput switches with complete redundancy ensuring that the network is live at all instance. Nearly every contemporary software and developing platforms is made available here to the students so that they can learn them, use them and move shoulder to shoulder with the fast paced world of information technology at the same momentum. The College Website has been developed and department has started the development and hosting of the website.
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